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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  January 29, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EST

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more this weekend with the the states governor terry branstad who will talk about the role of the iowa caucus. ..
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carly fiorina cheld a town hal rally in waukee, iowa on wednesday. this runs about an hour. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you so much for being here. and thank you as well. i am so honored to be talked about and sharing the stage and endorsed by these great gentlemen from nebraska. i want to introduce my husband, frank, who is standing by jeff there. frank and i met 34 years ago. after i got out of the secretary pool i went off and got an mba, joined at&t, and was an entry
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level sales person climbing may way up. nobody took me seriously. i don't give up easily and i had this problem. i wanted to figure out how to solve it and nobody would help me. somebody finally said you ought to go me this guy frank friorina. he was a technical expert, he took me seriously, he saw my problem, he was really cute. so i had to marry him. when jeff and celeste and i were riding over here he asked me who did you first start thinking about running for president so i told him the story i will tell you. it was in the summer of 2014. i was in a rotary club and i was giving a speech, it wasn't a political speech. if you have ever been to a rotary club meeting you know you
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sit down, have lunch, the club does the business of the club and then the speakers speak. before i got up to speak, the gentlemen sits down next to me at lunch and he says, you know, i don't think i am going to agree with you on anything. i said wow, why not? and he said i am a democrat, you are a republican, and we will not agree. i said okay well maybe you ought to listen. so i gave my speech. i wasn't talking about pollaaup. where -- i was talking about possibilities in the country. it is the only resource we have and the only resource we need; human potential. i talk about how this has been created more possibilities for people than anywhere else on t earth. at the end of the speech the gentlemen comes up to me and says amen. and then he says this, you know,
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we don't think of ourselves as a nation of limitless possibilities anymore and that hit me because it is true. we don't. and when we lose the sense of limitless possibility that has designed the nation we lose the core of who we are. and that set the journey of maybe i could go on to leadership and restore possibilities for every american regardless of their circumstances. i am grateful for all of you for being here tonight. but i am beyond grateful for the role iowa caucus goers play. because you see you give me a chance. when i launched my campaign on may 4th of 2015 nobody gave me a chance. i was 17-16 candidates. pollsters didn't ask my name. none of you had heard from me. less than 4% of voters had heard
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my name. the pundits and insiders wrote me off. but i came to iowa and you showed up in living rooms and dining halls and restaurants and town halls and you listened. here we go with five days and we have leadership teams in 25 states, on the ballot in almost 50 states. a lot of governors running can't say that. we have a lot of candidates who spent tens of millions on television and one candidate isn't spending money on tv because he is on the tv all day long. guess what? you send me out of here with a win on my back and i will go all the way. iowa, send me out of here with a win on my back. [applause] >> you know, i was talking about
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possibilities and i know this country has been a place of possibility for me and frank. frank started out as a tow truck driver in a family-owned body shop and became an ex executive at at&t. i started answers phones for a little company in the deep recession. i have traveled, lived, work, done business and policy work all over the world for decades and i can tell you with absolute certainty it is only in this nation that a young woman can start out the way i did all those many years ago, go on to be the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world, and go on to run for president of the united states. [applause] >> but you know, i have to tell you the truth, along the way i have been told by a bunch of people to sit down and be quite. sit down, be quite, settle and
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don't challenge the system and accept the way things are. i have ignored that advice my entire life. i am running for the president of the united states because i think the american people are being told the same things now. i think we are being told to sit down and be quite about our god, guns, and the truth about the abortion industry. i think we are being asked to settle. settle for a nation where record-numbers of men are out of work, settle for a nation where record number of women are living in poverty, settle for a place where working family's incomes have been stranded for decades despite all of the speeches by the politicians, settle for a nation why are destroying more than creating and destroying the job creators because it is small and family-owned businesses and
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farms that create two thirds of the job and employ half of the people. and all of the while the rich get richer and the well connected get better connected and the powerful get more powerful. i think we are being asked to accept a system of government that no longer works for us. let us face it, ladies and gentlemen, the government spends more money every year, and has been spending more money under republicans and democrats alike for 50 years and yet this government is absolutely corrupt and incompetent. we cannot care for our veterans, we cannot secure our borders. this government picks winners over losers. the government doesn't serve us any more, ladies and gentlemen, although we pay for it. the government protects itsself.
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8-10 americans think the government is corrupt. i am running because i am angry. i am frustrated. i am fed up. ask yourselves you are consumers of politics. how many presidential cycles have canada -- candidates came out to tell you the same thing? we will take care of the border. sorry, mr. trump, you didn't bring this up. we talk about it every year. how often have they said they will reform the tax code, social security and roll back the reg
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lare regulation. when was the last time we reduced the size of government? it has been a long time. have we ever actually reformed to tax code? no. i am running for president because we can solve everyone of these problems. we actually. they know who we are. you know who we are intended to be? we the people. we are intended to be a citizen government. so ladies and gentlemen i am running for the presidency of the united states because i think we have reached a pivotal time in our nation's history. i am running for the presidency of the united states because i don't think we can sit down and be quite anymore. i am not willing to. country back.we can settle.
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[applause] >> now you sat quitely and i will be relatively brief but let me tell you a couple more things before taking questions. i come from a world where people are held accountable. you know? where people are held accountable. we know talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. i have rolled out a blueprint for how we will take our country back. you have it in front of you. you can take one when you walk out. why did i write it down? because i want you to hold me accountable. you will help me get it done. i want you to hold me countable. these are not the only things we have to do to take our country back but they are the first
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thing to cut the government down and restore the character of nation, protect our border, repeal obamacare and put a health care system in place to lead in the world and defeat our enemies. you will help me get thereat -- that done. i want you to hold me accountable. i was asked my a seasoned political reporter when i first announced i was running for president. he said you are not used to the level of accountability and scrutiny presidential candidates have. wow, really? let me tell you what i had to do as chief executive. every 90 days i had to stand up in public and tell the world what we did the previous 90 days in detail and answer the questions in public about what we did and then talk about what we were going to do; our intentions for the next 90 days, year and two years. i had to answer every question in public. if i misrepresented our results
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or intentions i would be held criminally liable. imagine if we held politicians to these standards. [applause] >> so we can get this blueprint done, ladies and gentlemen, hold me accountable and you will help me get it done. i will tell you another story. i will tell you the story of how we will get this done and restore citizen government. this is a story about the power you have as citizens and why we have to take the country back. remember the scandal at the va in phoenix, arizona? remember we learned to our great horror that veterans were dying waiting for appointments and they were cooking the books so no one found out. the american people were furious and flooded congress with tweets, phone calls and e-mails.
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and guess what? that power and pressure worked and congress, this hopelessly divided congress, acted in three short weeks. they passed a bill that says we could fire the top 400 senior executives at the va. it is a breakthrough. you cannot fire anyone in the government. by the way, pretty good idea. you don't to your job there has to be consequences. it passed 99-0 in the senate and president obama signed it into law. that is because you put pressure. then here is what happened. we all moved on with our lives. despite all of the speeches so did the politicians. three people got fired. we know that 3,007 veterans died before receiving health care and the va handed out $142 million n bonuses for suberbsuperb perfor.
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this is a stain on the nation. when we use our power things happen. when you don't use your power as citizens of this great nation we lose it. the first-time -- the first item on the blueprint is going from a 70,000 page tax code -- that is what it is. it favors the big, powerful, well connected and the wealthy. the second item on the blueprint says we have change the way congress budgets the money and get control because the money is yours not theirs. the government doesn't budget like we do. you budget and hammer every dollar. you can cut any dollar and lose any dollar. that is not how the government
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budgets. once the government has money they own it. you don't have to examine it. they just ask for more. that is how the government spends more every year but never has enough. we have the force the government to budget the way you do. we all budget this way. but the fancy word for it is a zero-based budget. you know the senate floor on the u.s. house to go to this kind of budget. there has been a plan for a three-page tax code lying around for 20 years. how do you suppose those things don't get acted on? if you changed the tax code, simplify it, and you change the way the government budgets money, what are you doing? we have challenging the system in washington. how are we going to get those
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things voted on? i will tell you how. i am going to ask you to take out your smart phone, or ipad, if you have a flip phone you might want to consider upgrading. i say this because i notice a great a emotional attachment of iowans for their flip phone. i am going to ask you to take out your smart device of choice, and i am going to say do you agree with me we have to pass the 20-year-old tax code that is 70,000 pages and get control of washington by making them budget like you. if you agree with me press one for yes or two for no. this is the 21st century. there is an app for citizen government. technology is a powerful tool. we use it for silly things like
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voting people off islands. too bad we can't do that with trump by the way but -- [applause] >> i will use it for important things. to restore power to the citizens of the nation. i will go into the oval office and ask you over and over again. when you exert power the political class needs press yes for one and two for no. first we have to begin by winning this election. so some of you, i hope not many of you, and i hope none of you by the time we are done tonight, some of you may not have made up your minds to vote. i learned people said i have
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only seen you three times. i have learned. anyway, if you have not made up your mind yet, i hope you will by the end of the night but in your heart of hearts i know you cannot wait to see me debate hillary clinton. [applause] >> and you know you cheering because you know what is going to happen. i am going to win. i am going to win because i know more about virtually everything than she does. i do. because i can say to her like nobody else. you have had held a lot of titles but not accomplished much in your life. you have been wrong about every foreign policy challenges. and i will say ms. clinton you asked what difference did it make how four americans died in
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benghazi. when terrorist attack an american embassy on purpose and murder four americans including our ambassador and you stand up the next morning and lie and talk about a video that doesn't represent our values instead of saying this was a purposeful terrorist attack and the united states of america will retaliate. what you are saying to every terrorist organization in the world is open season on the united states of america. that, ms. clinton, is what difference it makes. [applause] >> you think politics is covered like a sport or a game. but it is not a game. it is not a sport. so when we are all finished
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about winning, the people of iowa need to particularly think because you have an important responsibility, the people of iowa need to think carefully about what does it take to actually do your job. what does it take to do the job of president of the united states and commander and chief. i think it takes someone how to create and save a job and protect a job and not destroy a job. i think we better have a president that actually understand how the economy works. i think we need a president who understand how the world works. i have more foreign policy experience than anyone running. i have been around the world for decades and held the highest clearances available to civ civilians. i have advised the nsa, the secretary of state, the secretary of homeland, i know the military, the weariewariers
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met more advisaries than anyone other than hillary clinton. but i didn't do photo-ops but i did private meetings. i know, ladies and gentlemen, having been around the world and knowing the things i know and doing the things i have done, i know when we don't stand with our allies and don't confront people against us the world becomes a dangerous and tragic place. we need a real set of the world. we need a real reset about how the world perceives us. on day one i will make two phone calls. two phone calls from the oval office. the first is to benjamin netanyahu. the first will be to benjamin
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netanyahu. [applause]. >> the prime minister of israel to reassure him we will stand with the state of israel only. ladies and gentlemen, that is a really important phone call. but let me tell you something having been in the middle east a long time and knowing our arab allies that must help us in the fight. the egyptians, the saudi arabians, the kurds, all of these allies disagree with israel but they watch also how we treat israel. c-span, i think this is a problem. the batteries are going out.
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all of our allies who disagree watch how we are treating israel and they conclude if we will treat israel like that their friendships don't mean anything to us and we need the arab allies to beat isis. the next call will be to the supreme leader of iran. i have not met him or been to his country. but he is getting this message: new deal with a flew president. until you open every nuclear and military facility for anywhere inspections at any time by our people not yours we the united states of will make it as difficult as possible to move money. we can do that. i know how to do that and we don't need anyone's permission or collaboration around the world to do it and we must do it
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because until and unless we stop the money flow, the iranians are going to use it to fund terrorism, fund military buildup and fund a nuclear build up which is definitely not peaceful. donald trump is in a romance with vladimer putin but vladimer putin is our advisary and he is looped in an unholy alliance with iran. the united states is going to stand with our allies and we will confront the people against us scheie and we are back in the leadership business which is where we belong. [applause] >> we need a president that understand bureaucracies because your government is one giant,
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c co corrupt government. i will use technology to harnes your power as citizens to move the political establishment. but technology is a weapon. it is a weapon that is being wielded againstous by our enemies and we need a president who understands that and knows what to do about it. right now we are loosing the war in cyber space and we should not be what we are. we will not with president fi fiorina in the white house. [applause] >> the last thing i am going to say is we need a president who understands what leadership is. leadership is sometimes making a tough call, in a tough time, and standing up and being held to
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account. we have lots of fine candidates running for president. we have some running -- thank you -- we have some running honestly who have never made a tough call in their lives or an executive decision. leadership is about challenging the status quo. i will keep shouting. leadership is about challenging the status quo. if you don't challenge the status quo you cannot solve problems. [applause] >> and finally, i learned my most important lesson about leadership a long time ago. when i was a secretary, i
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thought whoever had the big office and title and big perks was important. then where learned there were people with big offices and titles and big egos to go along with it and they were not leading. leadership has nothing to do with the size of your office. it certainly doesn't have anything to do with the shape of your office and no way does it have anything to do with the size of your ego. a leader is a servant. the highest calling of a leader is to unlock potential in others. my calling, ladies and gentlemen, is to restore citizen government to this great nation. i will not falter, i will not sit down and be quite, i will not settle and i ask you stand with me, fight with me, vote for me! it is time to take our country
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back, citizens. [applause] >> questions? yes, ma'am >> my mom was diagnosed with alzheimer's and my dad is her caregiver and they planned to travel around and enjoy life but instead my dad is looking after her medications. she is still at home. but if you are elected president i wonder what you would do to support funding of research as well as helping caregivers. >> yes, so my dad died of alzheimer's as well. so i am very sorry. the question was about alzheimer's, if you could not hear it. i will keep trying to shout. look, there are lots of places
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in our health care system where we are not making enough investments. one of the things that government should be doing more of is basic research that helps everyone. there are lots of places in health care where we are not making enough investments. alzheimer's is one. you heard frank and i buried our younger daughter to the demons of addiction and mental illness and that is another place where we are not making enough investments. we were promised when obamacare was passed this could be the answer. it is not working. i am a cancer survivor. i am a walking, talking, pre-existing condition. i really do understand you cannot leave families behind because of pre-existing conditions. but here is what is going on with obamacare. first of all, we have wrapped people up in so many rules and caregivers are having a tough time, nurses are having a tough
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time and health insurance premiums are going up and emergency room visits are going up. and more people are dumped into medicaid and fewer doctors are accepting medicaid. and by the way, buried in all of those complicated pages of obamacare, it was said we have to pass it to find out what is in it according to nancy pelosi. buried in the pages of obamacare is the federal government takeover of the student loan business. the federal government has taken over the student loan business and the federal government now decides how much your student is going to pay for their student loan. the government has decided you will pay 4.5 interest on every loan and the government pays between 1.5-2.5 interest on its debt. ladies and gentlemen, let that sink in for a moment. the federal government took over
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the student loan business and is making money on every single student loan. that is a racket. we have the take our government and country back. so we must repeal obamacare is item number three on the blueprint. [applause] >> we have to go to zee zero based budget and replace obamacare with something that will work. let me tell you what we will replace it with. we will move money, when we get control of money, we will move money out of washington, d.c. and back to states and ask states to manage high risk pools. there are people that truly need help and we need to help them. but when you put money and power close to people you get better decisions. we have examples of states doing this in the past and it worked. number two; the federal
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government shouldn't mandate what health care you buy and shouldn't wrap up caregivers in rags. here is what the federal government should mandate; every health care provider publish their cost, prices and outcomes on a regular bases. you don't have a clue what you are buying are health care. i sat in the hospital for a long time and didn't know the price, cost and quality and when you don't know that you don't have power. there is no incentive for cost to go town and quality to go up because nobody knows what it s. and finally we will do in health insurance what we have never done. what has health insurance always been? a cozy game between regulators and health insurance companies. we played it on the state level. the iowa regulators got together
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with the iowa health insurance companies and decided this is how many of you can play this game and compete. what we have done with obamacare is make it one big national cozy game and the health insurance companies helped write this bill. don't you for a moment doubt that. what have we never tried in health insurance? we have never tried a free market. an actual free market where people have to compete for your business. i come from the technology industry. it is the most relentlessly competitive industry in the world. it is the closest thing we have to a free market and what have you come to expect from technology? >> a lot. >> yes, ma'am, cooler apps and better prices and neat stuff. health insurance companies, any health insurance company, has to be able to compete for business and you get pick the plan you want at a price you can afford.
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now actually, i think my favorite part of the constitution is like nine and ten, parts of 14, that remind us that the federal government has certain enumerated powers and if those powers are enumerated then they belong to states and individuals because you see we have forgotten what the federal government is supposed to do. the federal government is doing all of this stuff it is not supposed to do. and they are not doing it very well. the original blueprint for the nation was the constitution of the united states, ladies and gentlemen. so, my little blueprint is going to take the big blueprint, the
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constitution in mind, and say when we get control of the money all of this stuff the federal government is not going to do knowmo anymorement we will hand. -- anymore. we will hand the power back to the people to get it done. the federal government has to protect the border. if we cannot protect the border we cannot protect our sovereignty. the federal government has to keep us safe, manage an immigration system, and all of those thing as they are doing badly we will do well and give everything back to where it belongs; individuals and states. [applause] >> yes, sir in the back? >> as a younger, first-time voter, i am feeling a lot of pressure from every candidate and and i wanted to know if you
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push to get younger verioters t vote for you. >> you can. i cannot do this on my own. there are a lot of young people out there and you go out and talk to everybody you know. here i have a little rule. a lot of people want a picture. one picture, one vote. that is thhow it works. it seems fair. here is what i would say. let me answer your question, seriously. but let me seriously say you can help. you can go out and talk to every young person because here is the thing, ladies and gentlemen, candidates have to do our thing, yes. we have to convince you. but the truth is most people are most influenced by people they know. every single one of you know a lot of people and they like you and respect compyou and may eve love you. say i am going to caucus for carly and i want you to as well.
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you know who is future is most at stake? yours. it is young people's future who is at stake. bernie sanders, a socialist, who is running around saying we will give you a free college education but doesn't tell you the government it is the one who messed it up. we talk about income inequality but he doesn't tell you only the big and powerful can deal with the government. all you have do is look at the last eight years. in the last eight years under barack obama, 95% of the wealth created went to the top 1%. so, i hope that young people are going to be excited about pressing one for yes and two from a no because that is the world you live in. but if you need help convincing someone try this: i ask young people all of the time, i say, you know, i am going to borrow your thing as a prop.
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i say -- i know. believe me, i have experienced it. how do things work for you in here? how do things work for you in here? you know it is responsive. it is personal. you are in control. you can do whatever you want. that is how things work for you in here. now think about your last trip to the dmv. how did that feel? did you feel valued? listened to? responded to? no, that is what government looks like. that is what government looks like when it is unresponsive and out of control and that is why to take our country back: for you. >> the young lady right there. >> i wanted to ask if you were elected president would you have a cabinet with people who made a career out of the revolving door
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between government services and corporate interest? >> no, but let me tell you the kind of people i will put in my cabinet. they have to have three characteristics. number one; they all have to be leaders. not managers. a lot of people want a cabinet position so they can settle into the big office and accept things the way they are and go to the cocktail parties. i need leaders who want to challenge the status quo and will roll up their sleeves and say we have to get control of this thing and i don't mind making a few enemies to get control. so they have to be leaders. number two; they have to bring different things to the table than i do. i have learned over many years the best teams are not teams of people all of the same but teams of different people that bring
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different experiences and perspectives. when everybody is the same and you all agree you are probably missing something. and number three; they must be truth tellers. most importantly of all they must be a truth teller to me because the most dangerous thing that happens to an executive, any executive, but especially the president of the united states, is people stop telling the truth to you and tell you what you want to here. that is deadly. those are the kind of people i will put in the cabinet. [applause] >> thank you for inviting us. out of the many things you talked about tonight could you address the issues of big money in government and citizens united. >> look, crony capitalism is alive and well, folks. you know what crony capitalism is? it is what happens when only the big, powerful, and wealthy and well connected can deal with this ever bigger, every more
2:42 pm
po powerful, every more complicated government. crony capitalism has existed under democrats and republicans. donald trump is the ultimate crony capitalist. he may portray himself as an outsideer -- outsider but he is an insider. we will not change the system by putting a political insider or crony capitalist in the oval office. the same rules have to apply to everybody. i find it the height of hipc--
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hypocricy when hillary clinton says i need the money and give it to me. ladies and gentlemen, i will close it up. okay we will take one more question from the young lady over here. >> is it hard running for president? >> what a good last question. well, i will tell you the truth. there are things about running for president that are a joy every day. this, for me, is a joy. to come to a restaurant, sit with citizens who care deeply about their nation from very young to more senior, to hear questions of substance, not a single one of you have asked me about donald trump. whoo-hoo. you asked me about education.
2:44 pm
you have asked questions of substance. this is a joy. you care about the nation and so do i. there are hard things. it is hard to go day after day after day. but i do it with gratitude so i would not trade this for a thing. maybe you run want to run for president some day but i hope you won't mind if i warm up for chair for you. [applause] >> all right. this lady is begging. go ahead. >> you are a wonderful debater and i wonder if you will try to get on the extra podium tomorrow night? >> listen, gang, i cannot change the media. this is a rigged game. the media decides who gets
2:45 pm
covered, the media decides who you are going to listen to. the media decided who will win the race already. you know who can change the media? you can. you send me out with a win at my back and they might start paying more attention. listen, my fellow citizens, we can get this done. like running for president, it will not be quick and easy. but i don't think you expect quick and easy. you expect leadership and results. this is an exceptional nation. it is not a perfect nation but it is an exceptional nation. we believe in the value of every life and we believe that every individual is gifted by god and has enormous potential. we know in our bones that power disbursed in the hands of the
2:46 pm
many is more competent, more compassionate, wise and just than power concentrated in the hands of the few. we have had too much power and too much money concentrated in the hands of too few for too long. stand with me. fight with me. caucus for me. citizens, it is time, we must take our future back. we must take our politics and our government back. stand with me, citizens, we must take our country back. [applause] >> god bless you all. thank you so much. >> i got you. if you want a picture come on up. but you know the rules, a picture with a vote.
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carly fiorina data with voters the iowa caucus coming up in just three days. we take you back to iowa as road to the white house coverage continues. ben carson the presidential candidate is at the university of iowa accompanied by senator chuck grassley and we understand both the candidates are at the venue at the university club here at the university of iowa and should address the gathering in just a few moments live on c-span2.
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[inaudible conversations] i'm the chairman of the republican central committee of johnson county, and i wish to welcome you all to the athletic club and johnson county for this event .-full-stop or ben carson. i would ask to join in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. dear heavenly father we just ask that you place your loving hand
3:01 pm
upon doctor carson today and that you just are with everyone here today in their decision-making process. we are in need of healing in this land and i just pray that you will give us the wisdom and see who it is that we need to support and we just ask this in jesus name, amen. i'm the iowa state director and i want to make a little plug after hearing everybody remembers to get out and caucus on monday. it's very important that we take this opportunity to meet through the noise and not just look at what the media is spinning.
3:02 pm
we tell the neighbors that we can actually get a nominee we can be proud of who is here with us today who has been a great senator and a very few people get better when they go into washington but i think we can say that senator grassley has continued to fight for us and got better and we can continue to be proud of him. plus, they turn out. thank you for those kind remarks thanks to all of you for giving me the opportunity to serve in the united states senate. i hope you know that all of the public offices and public trusts don't belong to the people that are in them they belong to you, the people come and they have to be renewed from time to time.
3:03 pm
it's my privilege to be invited to introduce doctor carson but before i give you an introduction, doctor carson can tell you how i first got a acquainted. the enthusiasm i see at the rallies and campaign events is something that if it's kept up between now and the november election, we are going to be able to have a republican president and not have a third term of an obama presidency. [applause] for the principle of limited government that's pretty important because we have a president that said if he has a pen in and a phone and congress won't, i will that's contrary to the principle of limited government and you know where that comes from from experts in the declaration of independence that we are endowed by our
3:04 pm
creator creator with certain inalienable rights among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. we are not endowed by government with our rights because if you were in the government can give and take away. but when you have those rights from god they are yours and we have a constitution that gives the government somehow or come up with the principle of limited government is very important and if the government of, by and for the people. it's not of, by and for the government. and if you listen to what the democratic candidates for president there in search of every problem it doesn't matter what problem, every problem is more taxes, more spending and more regulation. it's very contrary to what has
3:05 pm
made this country great. the ingenuity and hard work of the american people, not what comes from government. and so, this enthusiasm has to be kept up in order for us to make sure we don't have a third term of an obama presidency. so whatever reason you have been here now, it can't end on february 1. it has to continue through the following nine months. i hope that you will do that and i want you to know i'm going to work hard to make sure we don't have a third term of an obama presidency. [applause] i will tell you a second time why i inhere because i want to have the privilege, want to and have the privilege of introducing doctor carson.
3:06 pm
particularly in brain surgery but that doesn't mean a farmer like iowa chuck grassley would know who he is. but i've been a national attendee at a prayer breakfast before even doctor carson spoke there ten years before. i had the privilege of hearing mother teresa have to stand on a box to speak to 4,000 people with president clinton to see the way and she said she told about the value of life and what's wrong with abortion and he had to listen to it. well, a few years later there is a doctor carson that i don't know if very many people knew about but i sure didn't know he existed. he was invited to speak before the same 4,000 people at a national prayer breakfast and i
3:07 pm
had the privilege of hearing him say what was wrong with obamacare with but they president two or three seats away to read he wasn't there to get a political speech. he was there to give a spiritual speech. but there's a certain amount of spirituality connected to what politics living by the constitution while that government is not the answer to everything and there's other things involved in life and the belief in god is one of those and so the value of life is what our faith is about, the value of life and the constitution that backs that up and so i heard him say during that speech the things that were wrong with obamacare as one example that he gave. so i came away with meeting with the fact that this guy has a lot
3:08 pm
of guts even though she's a brain surgeon. [laughter] so i come to you with that background about him and would say that there is some principles that a brain surgeon has that you have to have in the government as well and i would like to say again i don't know anything about medicine, but i assumed you have to put together a good team and have a plan for the operation you're going to have and you have to make sure that a complicated operation is performed and performed well. doesn't it sound similar to something that's missing in government, putting together a proper team, putting together the proper planning and carrying out an operation with success it seems to me that's very important. you heard him say on television that he's the only one that is on the platform during the
3:09 pm
debate. i've heard him say it a lot of times i am only one appear without a political title. you don't have to have a political title to run for president. you don't have to have a political title to perform as a president. you have to have a lot of common sense. and i think now that doctor carson is going to come out and speak to you you are going to see a person that has a lot of common sense to answer our problems and i want to tell you why common sense is important because washington is an island surrounded by reality. if you ever wonder why i come home every weekend, this is the real world. doctor carson is in the real world. come here and tell them why you are a you're a good candidate. [applause]
3:10 pm
thank you so much for senator grassley. absolutely delighted to be here today and for the debate last night which i didn't get a lot of time that i did get a chance to say a lot and that is the important thing. a lot of times people say to me is it really worth going through all these things you have to go through to run for president of the united states? people attacking you and your character and your family, the tremendous grind come is it all worth it? and the answer is no. [laughter] dot if you're doing if for yourself. however, if you have a bigger purpose, it is definitely worth it.
3:11 pm
you have to watch them. [laughter] i spent my whole professional career looking out for children to give them a second chance and third chance. you do all that hard work and then you put them back into an environment that isn't healthy. i couldn't stand the thought of retiring, knowing that our children are going into a big bad environment. this is the first generation predicted to do worse than their parents in history. that is a marked change from everything that has characterized us in the past. a land of hope, the land of dreams. the american dream is disappearing before our eyes.
3:12 pm
the question is are we just going to continue down the same pathway, doing the same things with a very slight variation in having people say it's different this time, when it really isn't. or are we going to make a major correction and turn this thing around? i am very dedicated to preserving the american dream. have you noticed there is no other country would dream? there is no canadian dream or or italian dream, no nigerian dream, no american dream. yet we hear so many people denigrating our country and saying that, you know, we are the root of all evil and created so many problems in the world. but why are so many people
3:13 pm
trying to get in here, i don't think we are bad at all. [applause] we do want to talk about an exceptional nation this is the one we need to talk about. we declared our independence in 1776, less than 100 years later we are the number one economic power in the world. and 100 years, 1,000 years for 5,000 years before america came on the scene, people did things. within 200 years of america coming on the scene, men were walking on the moon. think about that, completely changed the trajectory of mankind. the most exceptional nation the world has ever known and it's one of the reasons that we should be in no hurry to give away all of our values and principles for the sake of
3:14 pm
political correctness and lead our nation be changed. you know, we need to -- [applause] the police would have you believe that every other culture, every other lifestyle is equivalent and therefore we should welcome all of those things into the nation. and like i said last night, iab lead needs in the teddy roosevelt philosophy. anybody is welcome as long as they accept our principles and values and if not, they should stay where they are. there isn't anything wrong with that. i don't think that is prejudicial. it just says we like where we are agreed we wouldn't let somebody come into your house as
3:15 pm
a guest and they would walk in and say i don't like the way that your living room furniture is. i'm going to take that out and put some other stuff in here and they open up and get rid of all that. i had a roommate that was like that. [laughter] it was so funny, my other roommate would just bring all these drinks and stuff and put them in the refrigerator and then bob would come in and say to your mom not to bring these anymore. for some people that is in the mindset they have. but it was a is a land of dreams for me as a youngster. i wanted to be a doctor. it was the only thing that grabbed my fancy. i just skipped right over policemen and firemen. i went straight to doctor. anything that has to do with medicine.
3:16 pm
i liked going to the doctor's office. i didn't mind getting a shot as long as i could smell the alcohol swabs. and if i could just listen to my own heart and if anybody volunteer i listened to their heart and listened to anything that made noise. it was so fun and going to the hospital was like the best thing in the world. some people didn't like to go to the hospital, they had to wait for a long period of time. the longer the wait for me the better because i could sit out in the hallway and listen to the system. doctor jones, to the emergency room. and i would be thinking when they they would say doctor carson but of course we have beepers now. [laughter] but there is a reason that god gave us a brain with the ability
3:17 pm
to dream because sometimes the dream is the only thing that gets you through. sometimes the going gets very difficult and you have to grasp onto the impossible dream and reach in your arms are too weary. certainly it didn't look very likely to me. i was a terrible student in terrible poverty the worst students you could possibly ask for and everybody called me a dummy. that was my nickname. i must admit i would never tell the smart kids i admired and i did. i couldn't imagine they were in the same grade as i am, how did they know all this stuff? derided me of a lot of people and older people that i
3:18 pm
encounter these days who don't know very much. did you ever run into people that don't know very much, very superficial knowledge. [inaudible] they go out and ask people stuff and what is the significance of labor day and baby celebrates -- the basic civil rights women having babies. the sad thing is these people vote. that's the sad thing. [laughter] but our founders were adamant about education. in the massachusetts colony, if you didn't have adequate education in your community, you were fine. that's how it was. when alexis de tocqueville came to america to study the nation because he was fascinated, how
3:19 pm
could the nation barely 50-years-old already be competing with all of the powers of europe were virtually on every level? he was great to figure out what was going on here. he studied the government and was impressed with the separation of powers and the efficiency of the government. he said let me look at their education system, and he was blown away. anybody in the second grade was completely literate. he could find a bear trap or. he could read the newspaper, could tell them how the government worked, could have a sophisticated conversation, the aristocracy in europe could do that. it was an amazing thing going on in the nation. and that's one of the reasons i think that we developed so
3:20 pm
quickly why we were able to move from one to another across a vast and rugged terrain. we had what is known as the can-do attitude and quickly propelled us to the pinnacle of the world. that can-do attitude is being replaced today with the what can you do for me attitude. it's changing very quickly. in fact, 30 years ago someone tried trying to describe to you today's america you wouldn't believe them. he would have said that's ridiculous. those kind of things have never been going on in america. we are changing. and interestingly enough, joseph stalin, no friend of america by
3:21 pm
any stretch of the imagination, he said if you want to bring america down, you have to destroy her from the inside. and you can do that by attacking three fundamentals of america. her faith, patriotism and morality. noticed that those are the exact things that are going on in our society today. and the enemy of stopping that, political correctness. you just let it happen as your society is changed. you have nothing to say about it. see, the progressives are winning this fight.
3:22 pm
they've been doing it for decades. and they are actually in the minority. the majority of americans actually have common sense. the majority of americans actually have real values and principles. it's just that they've been intimidated. they are afraid to speak out and say what they actually believe. secular progressives the secular progressives don't care whether you agree with them were not as long as you sit down and shut your mouth and that's what's going on and it's time for people to stand up. that's what's going to save america and conservatives must stop allowing themselves to be manipulated. the progressives come along and say you conservatives are great
3:23 pm
people because you have such high principles. and you will not dare vote for somebody with whom you have a disagreement because you are such good people area and then they go home and laugh at you. in the last presidential election, 93 million people who could have voted to not vote, 25 to 30 million evangelicals didn't vote. we cannot allow that to happen again. everybody in here knows some of those people. i hope you're not one of them but you need to convince them that when you don't vote, you are voting, just for the other side. and if we do that again and we get another progressive president and they get two or three supreme court picks one of
3:24 pm
them being obama, america is toast. your children and grandchildren are toast and we've just given it away so we have to be much smarter than that and it's better to have somebody with whom you agree 90% of the time and somebody that you disagree with 100% of the time. we have to recognize we are not just talking about ourselves and how we feel. we are talking about all of those that are coming behind us. that's why yesterday in the debate i finished by quoting the preamble to the constitution which talks about securing the blessings of liberty and onto our prosperity. we have an obligation to those who are coming behind us.
3:25 pm
at any rate i'm going to come back to that in a minute. but i need to get back because i left myself as a horrible student. i've got to get out of that. and the thing that got me out of it, my mother. she only had a third-grade education. she came from a huge family, not married when she was 13 trying to escape, just shuffled from one place to another no place that she could call home. they moved to detroit years ago. my father was a bigamist in another family and of course that resulted in a divorce. we moved in with providence and boston and she just worked extraordinarily hard trying to make ends meet. she read fused to be the victim.
3:26 pm
with all of the things that happened to her, she never felt sorry for herself and that was a good thing. the problem was she never felt sorry for us either. [laughter] there was never any excuse that was acceptable. she would always say do you have a brain and if the answer was yes, then it doesn't matter what bob or mary or john or robert or anybody else said or did. that was probably the most important thing she did for us because if you're not looking for excuses, you're looking for solutions. and what a difference it made. and then she made us start reading books. i wasn't happy about this at all. but in some of the homes that she worked she noticed that there were lots of books and she concluded that there is a
3:27 pm
correlation sushi came came in to impose that on us. turn off the tv, which we were upset. if it were today is, we would probably call protective services. [laughter] got back in those days you have to do with your parents told you and there was no social psychologist. and to add insult to injury, we had to be two books apiece from the public library every week and submit a written book report which she couldn't read that he didn't know that and she would checkmarks and highlights and we would think she was reading them but she wasn't. she never dictated what kind of books we had to read so i could read anything i wanted to read i started reading a lot of books about people of accomplishment. scientists and explorers, philosophers and all kinds of people. and i began to understand something. the person that has the most to
3:28 pm
do with what happens to human life is you. i stopped listening to all the people around me who are always trying to convince you that you are a victim and that the system was against you. within the space of a year i went from the bottom of the class to the top of the class much to the consternation of the students that used to call me a dummy so when they come to me and say how do you work this problem -- it sure felt good to say it to them. [laughter] i had a revolution in my thinking. i have the same brain. i was in the same circumstances. i had changed the way that i perceived myself and the way that i perceived the world.
3:29 pm
that's such an important thing we must think about again in america. we must change the mindset. do you know that in more than 30 states you can receive more from accepting benefits of them from working on the minimum-wage jobs? so, a lot of people conclude why would i work a minimum wage job when i can sit here and collect and do things on the site and do things quite well. that is what pervaded society. the old mindset of america used to be i'm going to i am going to take the minimum wage because i got to learn skills, meet people, get opportunities and climb the ladder and in a relatively short time i will be better off off than the person receiving the benefits. that's the way we used to think.
3:30 pm
that's the way we must begin to think. we only had 330 million people in this country. but think about china. 1.4 billion people, they have a lot more people than we do and that means we need to develop all of our people. we can't have huge groups of people just sitting around vegetating, not really contributing. we can't have them not graduating. we can't have 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the inmates in the world. none of these things make sense.
3:31 pm
and let me tell you one thing that is really disturbing. we have an all voluntary military. 71% of the people applying to to that military did the ages of 17 to 24 are not acceptable. they can't get in. physical, mental or educational reasons. the biggest category, educational. people who can't pass the most basic test that anybody should know because we are in the process of dumbing down of society. our founders said that our freedom and our system is based upon the well-informed and educated populace and if we ever
3:32 pm
became anything other than that, the nature of the country would change. why? because the people to be easy to manipulate. and all that it would take is a slick politician and a complicit media and off they go following the shiny object not paying attention to what is really going on, not really analyzing and recognizing what's going on. now this is essential for those coming after us that we understand this. thomas jefferson said it is a mortal to pass data onto the next generation. if we can bring him back today and he could see what was going on, he would have a stroke and die. he wouldn't even be able to imagine what we are doing.
3:33 pm
$19 trillion? are you kidding me? can anybody even have him them what that means? i don't think we can actually understand numbers when they get to that size. it's back at the if it's back at the rate of $10 million a day, that is the number we can kind of understand. but it's still a lot. 365 days a year, no vacation. it would take more than 5,000 years. that's not just the next generation, its multiple generations down the road. that's if we were to start paying it back now. we are continuing to increase it by the next time the president takes over we will be up to $20 trillion. that's the good news. it's actually worse than that.
3:34 pm
anybody know the fiscal gap is? most people haven't heard of the fiscal gap. please look it up when you go home tonight and read about it. it's important that the american people understand the concept of the gap. no politicians will talk about it but i'm not a politician so i will talk about it. it is the amount of unfunded liabilities that we owe medicare, medicaid, social security, the government programs, 645 federal agencies. but do you cope budgets associated. we call it infinite accounting versus what we have coming back from tax revenues and other revenue sources. other resources should be a big number but it's not. our government owns more than
3:35 pm
150 each trillion dollars in assets. they give a well-rounded company a small return like to present and you would have a national event. our government owns 900,000 just as an example. 77,000 of which are either not utilized or are underutilized. at the same time, with your taxpayer money, we are leasing over 500 million square feet of office space. it makes no sense. that is just one. it goes on and on. the congressional budget office identified $650 billion worth of
3:36 pm
things in the budget that could be cut. think about that. the house budget committee over a ten-year period has identified $5.5 trillion. who gets to pay for all that stuff? we do. we have to get people in office who understand that and it's important that the people actually understand this. and then when somebody comes along and says free college for everybody, i'm going to give you everything as we continue to destroy the financial foundation of the nation. also, we are destroying every aspect of the american dream because they do got this, that 19 chilean dollars, what does that force the government to do?
3:37 pm
it forces them to keep the interest rates artificially suppressed. for almost a decade now we have had near zero and some people said that's great. it's destroying the american dream because it used to be that joe the butcher could go to the bank and five to 10% of his check into his savings account and watch the growth of last few decades and retire and never have a nice thing to worry about with or without social security. that was a part of the american dream that was gone because of the level of debt service on 18 to $19 trillion is $250 billion a year if you look at the interest rates to the normal level would be a trillion dollars. we don't have a trillion dollars. and therefore, the central bank
3:38 pm
has to keep it suppressed destroying the american dream bit by bit. rather than being responsible, and acting like you do in your own home, you don't have it you don't spend it. you take also into account what the regulations are doing. they are destroying america. 81,000 pages of new regulations last year and circling everything that we do. we are the ones that have to pay for it. and people will come along and they will say it's those evil rich people and if we can just take their money we can solve all these problems. it's not the evil that evil rich people. it's the evil government that is
3:39 pm
insinuating every aspect of life and wasting their money. that's the problem. and it's not a problem that can be solved. we have the ability to do this. we have the highest corporate tax rate in the developing world as we have a lot of offshore money that should be brought back. i sat around a corporate board tabled many an afternoon, talking about the billions of dollars over here and over here and we wanted to bring them back but we couldn't because the high tax rate, so we had to figure out what we could do with that money over there. well, what i would propose is over $2.1 trillion, a huge amount of money no tax on that money.
3:40 pm
a six-month hiatus that it beat repatriated and they always have this deletion that 10% of that has to be used in enterprise zones and to create jobs for people that are underemployed or on welfare. you want to talk about the stimulus, that would be the biggest stimulus since the new deal and it wouldn't cost 1 penny. that's the kind of thing that needs to be jumpstarted for the economy but it also gets corporate america thinking about something important. investing in their fellow human beings. what a difference it makes when you are able to invest in them. that's the only thing that brings people out of poverty. government programs don't bring people out of poverty. our government said in the 60s there is a war on poverty we are going to eliminate it. $19 trillion later this ten
3:41 pm
times more people on food stamps, more people on poverty. that is the responsibly of the private sector. the government can help facilitate that and they need to read the constitution. that is and what it means i'll. and we have to get back to the original intent. read about the plans to
3:42 pm
eliminate isis and to revamp the economy and improve education. we have more policy out there than anybody else and it's very, very good stuff. and it's the kind of stuff that you don't get to talk about in the debate. the system that we have come i don't, i don't want to complain but it is a rigged system. absolutely. and the pundits and the media think they have complete control. in the past they have had a lot of control but it was thomas jefferson who put it past. he said we would get to this level in the country because the people wouldn't be paying close attention. and as a result of that, the government would grow and metastasize and infiltrate and
3:43 pm
dominate. but he said something encouraging he said just before they turn into another form of government, the people of the united states would a weekend and they would recognize what's going on and they would rise up and they would take control of their government. i hope this is the time we are going to do that. we have every ability to do something like that and also have to recognize when it comes to those that are following us we have a responsibility for their safety. the preamble talks about the common defense. right now the people in this country are frightened and they should be because their government doesn't understand this going on there and ask the
3:44 pm
central threat to the country but a few weeks ago president obama said they are not an accidental threat. he thinks that we are still in the 40s and 50s with conventional armies and air forces and navies and that's how you fight the war. we don't fight a war that way anymore. now you talk about dirty bombs and cyber attacks and attacks on the electrical grid, the kind of things that overnight can completely change what's going on particularly they are indeed
3:45 pm
x. accidental threat they've made it clear that they want to destroy us and israel so what is our response to that? we have two choices we can either sit around and act like they are the jv and we don't have to worry about them, or we can use every resource we have to destroy them. i think that is the better option and what i would suggest is that everybody here -- we have a weekend coming up. take a few hours and read up on islam. please do that. read about mohammed and how he got his start. read about how he was seen by the people in mecca, not very favorably by the way, how his
3:46 pm
uncle nevertheless was an influential guide and protected him and when he died he had gone north to medina and that's where he put together his army and they began massacring anybody who didn't believe the same way that they did. anybody can believe the need for belonging to christian and jews, all in the arabian peninsula. he had to have territory called the caliphate. that's what gives them legitimacy. they eventually lost their last run at many years later when the ottoman empire went down in 1924 they were without a caliphate on tour recently when they acquired
3:47 pm
land in iraq and avert a syria they established a foothold in libya which is a particularly dangerous spot. they were working very hard to subvert what's going on there. we created the problem quite frankly that obama clinton administration did that. it is a terrible thing to have done because if they could spread their caliphate to libya, which is the next goal there's much more oil and it's located to go across the mediterranean and southern europe. you go south and chad, sudan, you have a tremendous platform for spreading your ideology. so believe me that's what they
3:48 pm
want. what we have to do is we have to engage our military experts, our joint chiefs. we have to say the goal is to take their caliphate. what do you need to accomplish that goal and then that's what we have to give them and we have to also give them our full support. we cannot tie their hands behind their backs. we can't have them wondering whether they are going to be prosecuted for some kind of crime. that doesn't work. [applause] and then in addition to that, they cannot have money. isis is the richest organization in the world because they have oil and we have silly rules of engagement. don't bomb an oil tanker because there are many people on it and it may cause environmental damage.
3:49 pm
only this administration could come up with something like that. i would send out a memo that says anything coming out will be bombed and if you don't want your people to be killed, don't put them in it. that would make a lot more sense, do the logical thing. and then shift all of their avenues of money transfer because what they do is go after the people who wear and they can provide them the resources. and if you go to 40,000 now by the time the next president takes over, probably 60,000 or more. then you have to attack the command-and-control centers. don't let them sit comfortably forever they are. then we have to put them in the
3:50 pm
run in the process of destroying everything and then in this country, we must recognize unfortunately because of our negligence there are plenty already here in the country. i was down on the border this summer and i was flattered acid as they were telling me about all of them coming through. people from northern africa and the middle east. we are doing very little to stop them. this is kind of the kind of things that would have barely slowed me down. in one area you could drive a car through it. they had a couple pieces of barbed wire into the camera man went through because they wanted to film from the other side and they were not athletic people. signing these people would have no difficulty getting through these areas. and they are bringing in drugs
3:51 pm
like crazy. that's why we have this heroin epidemic in a society right now destroying and bringing in marijuana like crazy and a bunch of people say it's also bad. we should legalize marijuana. it's a recreational drug. i've got to tell you as a neuroscientist, that isn't true. there've been many studies that demonstrated that regular exposure to cannabis in a developing brain can cause significant damage including drops in iq. we already have enough people with low iqs great [laughter] we don't need to be called debating that in our society right now today that we can fill the border very easily. in arizona they cut illegal traffic down by 97%. by putting up a double fence of
3:52 pm
an asphalt road, putting in border guards at the border and prosecuting first-time offenders instead of the catch and release program that we have now. 97%. you do that across all nine sectors and added motion detectors and drones you could get it close to 100%. people say that's useless because they will just dig underneath it. they won't because we have radar equipment that can demonstrate any holders being -- any holes being dug and we can deal with that. it's not that we don't have the ability. it's that we don't have the will. if you want to hear some sad stories, talk to the ranchers that live along the border. they have endured theft,
3:53 pm
harassment and murder and some of the stories you just can't put out without crying. they are getting little or no support from our federal government. so, we can close it and we must. we can do it within a year i guarantee. we must teach our people how to respond to terrorism. we cannot just say it's no big deal. when i was a kid we had drills and when the siren went off, you knew where you were supposed to go, what he was supposed to do and all that kind of stuff. we need to start teaching people what to do if you were in a situation because i can guarantee that san bernardino was not the emphasis and you know, the response certainly isn't what the obama administration has advocated taking guns from the citizens. just the opposite. i think they ought to be
3:54 pm
offering to teach gun safety to all of our americans. [applause] have you ever noticed that these mass school shootings never occur in israel lacks a teacher is in israel, and you don't know which one, but every school is highly trained with access to weapons. they know that and they are not coming in there. did you notice when the mass shootings occurred, they occur in gun free zones. a lot of people are crazy but not that crazy so they will go someplace else they are likely to carry out without getting killed. we could take some lessons from that.
3:55 pm
again, our political practice will kill us if we don't wake up. i will tell you one of the reasons i hate it so much is because our founders, many of them gave everything they had including their lives so that we can have freedom of speech. they would roll over in their graves if they saw us capitulating people telling us everything about who we are and what we can do it but we can say in how and how we can do it. forget about it. [applause] we have to stop allowing ourselves to be turned into something else.
3:56 pm
i will stop in a minute and lets what you ask some questions. the reason that i've proposed a flat tax is because i'm interested in fairness. the left likes to criticize me. they think carson got his ideas from the bible, so what's wrong with the bible plaques god is pretty fair. he didn't say you own a triple time or if they fail you don't owe me anything. so if you make $10 million, you pay a billion. make $10, pay one. get the same rights and privileges. how is that unfair and you have to get rid of all of the deductions, all of the shelters and all of the double taxation. no capital gains tax, nothing
3:57 pm
that has been asked before. that's the reason forbes and "the wall street the wall of "the wall street journal" and many others have praised this by far as the next best tax and it will promote growth. that's what we need. some people come along and say you can't have a program like that because the guy that paid a billion dollars still has 9 billion left. that's not fair. we need to take more of his money. that's socialism. that's not who we are. there's a lot of people trying to make us into a socialist country that i will call you something about that, all of them end up looking the same way. a small group of elites at the top who own and control everything our the rapidly vanishing middle-class and expanded dependent class. if you've noticed, we are moving
3:58 pm
in that direction. but we have the ability to stop it. no one else can stop it except for us. we have to have the same drive the patriots have. they were tired of king george george iii and history michael way so what do they do? they started getting together in town halls, they invited everybody in the loyalist. they said what kind of america do you want to have? what you want to pass onto your children and grandchildren and what are you willing to fight for and to die for and they encouraged a bunch of militia to defeat the most powerful empire on earth. we need the same determination today. everyone here has a fear of influence. you need to talk to the people
3:59 pm
in influence and get them to understand that they must participate in this process. they must get registered and vote and they must make their well known because the country is about us. ..


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